Friday, June 19, 2015

RIP Bernie the Turkish Van (2006-2015)

We are sad to report the passing of Bernie "the Turkish Van" Feldman on Wednesday June 17 at 11:10pm EST.

Bernard, affectionately known as Bernie, was a rescue cat who found his way into the loving arms of Ms. Amanda Feldman. As a kitten, Bernie found comfort in food, meowing, and playing with his brother Stanley, and continued up until his untimely passing. He loved taking long naps, licking himself excessively, snoring, and purring loudly upon any contact touch from others. While curious about the outside world, he preferred the indoor life, content with people approaching him instead.

Bernie can only be described as a gentle soul who loved showing off in front of others. His regal elegance commanded the attention of anyone he encountered. His favourite time of day was 5am and 5pm, coincidentally the same time that his automatic feeder would go off - for no matter where he was in the house, he would always dart to his meal, often begging for 2nds and 3rds. Bernie became a poster child for big cats, as he learned to embrace his fattiness and was always comfortable in his own skin - eager to eat as much as anyone would feed him.

It was only until recently he finally learned his breed, the Turkish Vans, who among other things were known for their blue eye/brown eye combo, long white soft fur, and swimming abilities. Bernie never tested the waters on the swimming aspect so it cannot be confirmed if he would have been set as a rising star for Rio 2016 or not. His most recent discovery was licking the air excessively as his butt got scratched, a move he appreciated from anyone who would do so.

Recently, Bernie rose to internet fame as one of the‪#‎RealHouseCatsofCharleston‬ and took social media by storm - managing Twitter and Instagram. He had a loyal following of people who loved him, even a strong fan base from afar despite never having met him face to face.

He is survived by his immediate family Amanda, Stanley the Tuxedo Cat, and Topher. He would have been 9 years old this October.

Bernie lived a good, happy, and productive life surrounded by the things he loved most and was always around the people who loved him. He purred loudly until his last breath and left the world being petted to sleep, his most favourite feeling ever.

Gone too soon but never forgotten

"I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity. I wouldn't trade it for the world. You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I'm grateful". - The Fault in Our Stars

Bernie Feldman (2006-2015)

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