Sunday, July 6, 2014


I had a dream Saturday night that Kim Jong Meow suddenly appeared on the foot of the bed and tried to nestle in the spot where my ankle and knees bend.  I was excited because I kept saying "you're here! You're alive" over and over until I realized it was a dream.  I could clearly hear the distinct loud purring noise he would make when you immediately touch him.  He let me pet him for a bit and he stared at me with his blue eyes and then when the moment had passed, he disappeared and I slipped back to consciousness.

I don't recall having any dreams that had ever involved the cats prior to this experience.  And it was one of those dreams where it's like how in the movies where you don't know if you are quite dreaming or not at first and then until you do realize its a dream and then you want to hold onto that moment and not wake up.

I would classify myself as a spiritual person - I'm still on the fence with the whole afterlife - heaven/hell metaphors of it all and not quite sure where animals would fit into all of this.

I choose to believe that Meow came down to visit to let me know that he's fine now - to let me know that he's okay where ever he is.  I hope he's having fun playing with an endless supply of kale stalks.  And if he ever decides to visit me again, I'll make sure to keep that spot of the bed available for him.

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